How to Earn Money and Gift Cards Online With Swagbucks

Hi Firends, today i’m going to tell about how to earn money and giftcards from the site SWAGBUCKS.Yes Everyone wants to know how to make money online without a blog/website.,But Only few people are know how to make money from moneysites. Earning money on the internet firstly was a secondary source of income but now it has become the main and basic source for those people who work hard for it and put right efforts at the right time. Earning money online doesn’t require you much skills, training, degree or experience, the only thing you need is interest, passion and some proper efforts.

Many of the  users make lots of money online though they don’t own a website or blog. You can also make money online if you have passion and work hard. It’s a job to which requires continuous work and efforts without any break.Now let us come to the  our topic. Well, SwagBucks is a website and private company from Los Angeles, United states which rewards users with shopping gift cards and cash for completing web offers and tasks. Today in this article I will explain you how to earn and redeem gift cards and money with SwagBucks.

Introduction About SwagBucks: is an El Segundo, California-based online rewards website by Prodege LLC. It enables users to earn rewards by performing a variety of online activities, including searching, shopping, taking surveys, playing games, and discovering online content, and then to redeem those points for retail gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards. As of September 2017, the site serves more than 12 million members and has awarded more than $200 million in retail gift card rewards to its members. The site operates in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and India. Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, Swagbucks is a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC.Swagbucks’ website is owned and operated by Prodege, a provider of digital services, including an online rewards portal, content distribution platforms, and an online polling technology platform.

In 2006, Prodege introduced its first product: private label search engines that allowed charities to raise funds by having supporters perform internet searches. In early 2007, Prodege developed a second search loyalty product that allowed celebrities, brands and sports teams to engage fans through their own branded rewards program offering “swag” merchandise. Musicians including Kanye West and Kiss, and sports properties like WWE and the Indianapolis Colts were among the users of the platform. In February 2008, Prodege launched its current business, under Co-Founders Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson and introduced the SB as a digital currency earned for activity throughout its network of websites.

In January 2013, Prodege Founder Josef Gorowitz appointed former Shopzilla and Fandango CEO Chuck Davis as the company’s executive chairman. Davis led the 2005 sale of Shopzilla to E.W. Scripps for $569 million, and the 2007 sale of Fandango to Comcast Corp. for an undisclosed amount.In May 2014, Prodege announced that Technology Crossover Ventures had invested $60 million into Prodege, parent company of Swagbucks and other portfolio brands, and that Prodege also had appointed Executive Chairman Chuck Davis as its new CEO and Chairman, while Josef Gorowitz assumed the title of Founder and President. This was the company’s first external investment. Prior to the TCV investment, Prodege had been fully bootstrapped and had grown to $53 million in profitable revenue in 2013.

In July 2014, Prodege announced its acquisition of, an online polling technology platform founded by Jason Feffer. CEO Chris Dominguez and Founder Jason Feffer joined Prodege’s executive leadership team in the move. SodaHead operates a consumer website and provides polling technology to media partners including ESPN, FOX News, and Good Morning America.

What is  the SWAGBUCKS ???

Swagbucks are  an online rewards program website which enables users to earn virtual currency called SwagBucks and real life rewards for their web activity. The web activity can be completing tasks, offers and surveys, searching on their search engine and registering on other sites. On successful completion of web tasks, the users get certain amount of points.Swagbucks INC was founded by Josef Gorowitz on February 25,2008. Its quarters are situated in Los Angeles, United States. It has an alexa ranking of 539 in the world and 110 in U.S.The users are can be redeem the rewards on the basis of swagbucks earned. Swagbucks can be redeemed into cash and gift cards on the basis of rewards offers and options. Other sites like swagbucks are Zoombucks and Froobi, but swagbucks is the most trusted online reward earning site among these. You can also earn swagbucks on android and ios by downloading Swagbucks application.

How to Earn From it ???

Swagbucks or swagpoints can be earned by the following :-

SEARCH AND EARN:   Swagbucks  has a search engine that rewards its registered members with swagbucks on the basis of random searches done. Its layout is similar to google and is powered by Google and Bing. To get credited with swagbucks, search more and more, especially on Fridays. On Fridays you are paid double than other days. You will not be credited everytime you search but you can earn 50-60 SB’s a day with searching. I have made upto 1000 SB’s by swag search in a very less time.

SWAGBUCKS TV: Swagbucks TV is a video channel service like Youtube. You can watch TV here and will be credited with upto 150 SB’s per day. I have also used this swag task to earn SB’s but only sometimes.

SURVEYS: With survey portal you can earn even more than other web activities, from 100-600 SB’s per survey qualified. There are a large number of surveys available in the survey panel. Each survey takes upto 15 to 20 minutes to complete and if you qualify the survey you will be credited. Many surveys are also mailed to you.SHOPPING: You can purchase products on swagbucks also and you will be credited more than the cost of that product. With shopping you can get the highest number of swagbucks than other web activities. Shopping includes coupons, daily deals and shop and earn.

SPECIAL OFFERS: Here you have to complete certain offers which are available and you will be credited with SB’s. The payouts can virtually be any number of swagbucks. The offers can be downloading an application, software, purchasing a domain or signing up for other sites.

TASKS: Members can also earn swagbucks by performing simple tasks such as collecting data for various companies. The tasks can also be related to foods, recipes and fashion.

GAMES: Swagbucks can also be earned by playing flash games. Many tournaments are hosted by swagbucks as prizes where members score points and are credited with swagbucks.

REFERRALS: Members can earn lots more by referrals i.e by referring swagbucks to others. You will be given a link to share with others and if any one registers through your link, you will be paid 1000 swagbucks or 20% of what each one earns on search.

MORE ACTIVITIES: The above defined web activities are the best ways to earn swagbucks. There are more activities with which you can get swagpoints like SBcodes (which is posted daily on its facebook page and is worth 3 to 5SB’s), Daily Goals, Sweeptakes, Daily poll and Trade. Once you use swagbucks then you will know all about it and never try to spam otherwise you will be blocked.


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